Will virtual reality replace travel?

Virtual reality headsets have become more affordable, and more people are getting interested in the technology. Many businesses are using the VR to improve their customer interactions, sell more goods and attract more clients. As the cost of producing VR content comes down, we will see more immersive and attractive content become available.

Some industries like Travel and Hospitality have become the early adopters of the tech. And they have seen a massive increase in sales when using VR to influence customers’ decisions.

 A few industry experts worry that VR may replace actual travel and that people may settle for watching Hawaii in 3D instead of travelling to the island. But in reality, VR will become a great promoter of vacations and will enrich our future holidays.

Many Luxury hotels are using VR simulations to give their guests a virtual walk-through of the different room types available. This allows the users to get a good idea of what is on offer and helps them choose the right one for their needs.

The initial results suggest the visitors who look at the VR view and book the room have a higher level of satisfaction than those who glanced at the brochure to decide.

Thomas Cook recently conducted a campaign where users were offered a free VR tour of the Manhattan skyline. Their booking rate for NYC excursions saw a massive 190% jump after the campaign.

An airline advert explained the advantages of a premium economy seat using a 360-degree camera and saw a 20% increase in its upgrades.

Virtual reality is a great way to allow customers to ‘try before they buy’ even if it is a holiday.

Consider this, when people want to book a leisurely travel what do they do?

They get on the internet to make a shortlist of locations, find good deals for flights and hotels etc. and then get ready to travel. They base most of their decision on the written word and, maybe a few videos that come up as a suggestion. Now imagine you are a Hotel in one such location and you offer a 3D view of your facilities, and even a VR walk-through of what your customers can experience while on the property. A simulated view will be a lot more convincing than a two-dimensional video.

VR can help us revisit the past, and venture into even off the reservation areas.

As the technology progresses, you may be offered a virtual tour of the Mars and Venus and maybe even the distant galaxies. Travelling to such places will be hard and astronomically expensive. And VR will be the best way to experience such destinations.

In addition, VR could also help recreate the old world for us. As an example, VR can create a realistic rendering of an old fort that was destroyed. Historical markets and palaces that are no longer around etc. can all be seen in the VR world. These kinds of additions will make our travel more interesting and enriching.

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