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The World of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality porn is eclipsing other categories at warp speed. Last year, the VR porn genre managed to go up by as much as 275%. If that wasn’t impressive enough, some of the VR porn videos received millions of views in just hours. The sales of headgear used to watch virtual reality content also rose significantly. A lot of that has to do with people wanting to watch VR porn videos. So how do you watch VR porn movies? What do you need to do so and where can you find them? Plus, can you get to see them for free?

All of these are questions that anyone who may be interested in virtual reality should know. More so if the person wants to view VR porno. The truth is that the future of masturbation is VR porn. The benefits which come from virtual reality porn are numerous. So is how much better it is when compared to normal adult content viewing. It is safe to say that looking at virtual reality pornography, will change the way you look at smut forever. Not only that, but how you look, feel and interact with sex will change as well.

First of all, there really isn’t much required to look at VR porn. All you need is a quiet place, headgear and content. But, make sure that the room you are in has a lock. For one, you will no longer be watching porno. Instead, you will be engrossed by it and feeling as though you are inside it. Virtual reality is a transforming experience that can also be interactive. You will not only be feeling as if what you are watching is real, but controlling the outcomes as well.


How To Watch VR Porn Videos

The best part about VR porn is how it is recorded. Virtual reality adult films are filmed using a 180-degree POV. That subjective point of view gives the perception of being there. A person no longer has to look at a screen. There will be no distractions in the background either. Instead, you will be immersed in what you are watching with mind-blowing results. All the action going down in a virtual reality porno, take place in front of your eyes. The 220-degree POV or 180-degree scope works great for several reasons. In addition to being better for viewing purposes, it also makes the file sizes smaller. In turn, they will load faster and be easier to download.

Once you are ready to watch VR porn, the next thing is choosing which headgear to watch it on. People who own Samsung phones, have the Samsung Gear VR sets. They generally cost around $35 to $100 plus. For iPhone or other Smartphone users, there’s the Oculus Rift which starts at about $250 and up. Those who don’t want to spend too much or nothing at all, have the Google Cardboard option. Some sites will give it to people for free as long as they sign up. Buying them directly only cost about $15.

As with all things, the more you spend on it, the better the experience will be. The most expensive headgear not only let you look at VR porn better, they add stimulation and sensations. Unlike traditional porn, VR is not always free. Top sites charge monthly fees to view full-length and high-quality VR porn videos. They will let you see samples and teasers. But, they are only long enough to get you aroused and horny. If you want the full experience, then paying a fee may be your best option.

Badoink is one of the first sites to offer VR porn. They are seen as the pioneers in the virtual reality adult content industry. The adult site charges about $19.95 a month. You also have NaughtyAmerica at about $5.95 each month. VRporn.com is another site worth checking for around $20 monthly. Lastly, there’s Pornhub which has tons of free VR porn videos and PPV as well.

The only setback to VR porn, is that no major companies want to support it. Neither Valve, Samsung or Oculus want to have their shelves full of VR porn. Still, that doesn’t mean you cannot watch it. On the contrary, there are several apps available which let you see the VR porn videos easily. All you have to do is download them, add them to your Smartphone and begin watching them.

For those who still haven’t jumped into the VR porn world, you are missing out. Especially if you are already watching regular porn all the time. There are countless advantages that VR porn renders over traditional porn. All of your fetishes, secret fantasies and wild dreams can come true with VR. Virtual reality porn has no limitations and nothing is too far-out there to be found on it. Lastly, how you feel and see pornography, will become more realistic than ever.

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